Tessa Ani Schiller


I’m Tessa, a 22 year old who recently graduated from university.

​Whilst there I published my own mental health blog “Tessa You’re Out of Your Element”. There myself and my friends wrote about our experiences of depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. But in the wake of my graduation I felt like this wasn’t enough.

​I struggle with how I feel, I struggle to make sense of it and my blog provided some source of relief in that area. But there are loads of other ways that I make myself feel better: cooking, colouring, reading countless books. None of these are ever going to fix what I’m feeling but maybe having a community where we can talk not just about what is weighing us down but also what is bringing us back to the surface is exactly what’s needed.

Other than that I currently live in Manchester, I like elephants, thriller books and genuinely enjoy doing tequila shots.


Zak Farrell

Reviews Editor

I’m Zak, a quasi-unemployed 22 year old and ‘recent’ graduate. I deal with the stress of modern life through the obsessive consumption of various forms of music, tv, cinema, poetry and books.

In the wake of graduation, in order to use our ample free time more productively, Tessa and I set upon creating a blog-based book club as a space to share our opinions on what we had been reading. However, bigger things were in the works and what started as a small book club morphed into ’the snowflake collective’.

As the modus operandi of this project has developed, my role in it has too. I’m looking forward to editing the reviews section and intend to create a space for our much maligned and misunderstood generation to discuss the various forms of culture that we go to for enjoyment, comfort and inspiration.


​Alex Bach

Saying Editor

I’m Alex, and somewhere along the way at university I decided I found writing literature essays really dull but writing about my thoughts and feelings pretty interesting. And reading other people’s thoughts and feelings.

Alongside that I’m usually doing some form of student fundraising, watching otter videos or drinking too much green tea. Talking about mental health can be scary and daunting, but less so when you know there’s other people out there who have felt the exact same way you have- and that’s what I want to achieve as Saying Editor. A community of people talking and learning and breaking down taboo.


Jamie Hardwick

Doing Editor

I’m Jamie, a recent graduate now trying to pull off being a ‘young professional’. I’m an editor and a writer (yes, another one of them).

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, and have always been using words to try to understand the world better. Every morning, I tweet a short poem on my commute; have a look for @BlueHardwick if you’re interested.

I’m here to help get new voices out into the world, to work with exciting new talent, and to ensure our generation’s signature style is a part of the future of the written word.


Alex Jackson

Discover Editor

I’m Alex Jackson the Discover Editor here at The Snowflake Collective. I’m a soon-to-be student of Horticulture and recently relocated to York so expect articles on all things nature and history.

I’ll try everything once, except anything that involves being at excessive heights. Or spiders.